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September 25, 2006

MR.xpo14 electroscape


What happens if ...

MediaRuimte is happy to invite you to MR.xpo14 electroscape - fabric | ch taking place from 29.09 until 14.10, Tuesday - Saturday 18h00 - 23h00.

What happens if two A.I. / chat bots talk together? electroscape 004 sets up a auto-logical and self reflexive environment (A.I. to A.I., PS2 to XBOX, self-spaces) where the user observes two game consoles interacting and playing with each other, and listens to their endless chat that held within this nearly auto-constructed space.

In addition, due to camera-tracking users enter the realm of the dicussion, which can be followed from distant location as well (call +4179-2893000 to listen). Their space is therefore not only static and material, located, but does exist in the 935MHz communication wave length where the bots will consider you as entering their space as well.

It seems that one has to understand technological property to understand the nature of contemporary spaces. Whom does this space belong?

Posted by jo at September 25, 2006 04:05 PM