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September 21, 2006

CAFKA.07: Haptic


Call for Proposals

Our physical connection to objects and spaces is essential to our being in the world: in the environments we inhabit, in the ways we relate to one another, and in the products we create. From the distinctive craftsmanship of the Waterloo Region’s German and Mennonite founders to the region’s current role in shaping the technological future we see a consistent understanding of the importance of haptic relationships from the outstanding design and use of materials in early furniture to the engineering prowess and innovation in our high-tech and research sector. This local context gives us a unique perspective from which to investigate the interplay of science, technology and artistic vision in the formation and understanding of our connections to places and things.

We ask artists to consider actual or metaphorical possibilities enabled by the haptic connection, whether achieved through exceptional handling of traditional materials or of new media. Artists may wish to consider how contemporary art practice, with its emphasis on the new, co-exists with and incorporates the skills, techniques and values of the past: to explore haptic relationships, or how contemporary art practice places into question the Cartesian duality of mind and body.

For Haptic, CAFKA invites proposals for new or existing works that engage with the theme and the environment in and around City Hall. Works in all media will be considered including sculpture, performance, video, audio, installation, photography, painting, drawing and new media. Video artists are invited to submit work relating to the theme. CAFKA.07 will create a video compilation to be screened during the Forum.

The exhibition will take place in and around Kitchener City hall for 11 days at the end of September, 2007. Artist Fees paid for Visual and Media Art Projects: CND $2,000 (intended to cover all aspects of mounting including materials and transportation). Video and one-time Performance fees paid in accordance with CARFAC (Canadian Artists’ Representation/le Front des Artistes Canadiens).

Please submit 10 images (JPG/JPEG format or 35mm slides), or video documentation (NTSC DVD or VHS), along with 10 copies of printed matter including: Curriculum Vitae, project proposal, technical requirements, budget, and a completed application form. All applications must be received by November 1, 2006.

Mail address:
Haptic – CAFKA.07 Submissions
P.O. Box 1122
Kitchener, ON N2G 4G1 Canada

Courier Address:
Haptic – CAFKA.07 Submissions
141 Whitney Place (rear entrance)
Kitchener, ON N2G 2X8 Canada

For more information please contact cafka@contemporaryartforum.ca or call (519) 744-5123.

23 projects will be selected and artists will be notified within approximately two months. Absolutely no fax submissions will be accepted. Support material must be in one or more of the following formats: CD, DVD, VHS, JPG/JPEG, PDF (for text) or 35mm slide. Other media will not be considered. Please do not refer CAFKA to a website for information about you or your work.

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