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September 14, 2006

Upgrade! Montreal


explosive electro_sound

Upgrade! Montreal: The September 13th 2006 Upgrade culminates two years of explosive presentations, performances and gatherings by the grassroots organisation Upgrade Montreal. The Upgrade has always loved the sonic arts and so it is only appropriate that we close our 2006 season with two of the most intense investigators of sound that call Montréal a second-home: internationally acclaimed sound-artist Francisco Lopez and underground breakcore and genre-destroying turntablist Fishead.

Spain's Lopez is well known for his many albums exploring field recordings that approach intensive levels of noise while retaining the heterogeneity of a soundscape. He recently completed the Montreal Sound Matter project at Quartier Ephemere where he worked with local sound-artists to capture and reinterpret the sounds of Montreal. For the Upgrade Montreal, Lopez will discuss his recent "Blind City" soundwalks in which the blind lead blindfolded listeners around the city. We will also be subject to a high-volume performance in as much darkness as we can muster.

Fishead still lurks in the shadows in Montreal. A native Winnipegger and dedicated Midwesterner, Fishead has risen to acclaim as Montreal¹s number 3 DJ (ranked by Mirror columnist Steve Lalla in 2006). After some 16 years behind the turntables and with an encyclopaedic memory of vinyl history (and a massive record collection to boot), the articulate Fishead will discuss his approach to conceptually and technically layering disparate track selections. For our ears, he will demonstrate some of his "collision engineering" techniques on the decks. Don't miss what will be undoubtedly a learning experience for any DJ willing to call themselves by the name. Long-time DJ partners Fishead and tobias c. van Veen will finish the evening with a classic ControlToChaos.ca tag-team set.

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