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September 13, 2006

Upgrade! Paris Launches with


Atau Tanaka

Upgrade! Paris: Atau Tanaka :: September 22, 2006 :: "THE UPGRADE! PARIS" - VENDREDI 22 SEPTEMBRE 19h - ARS LONGA Incident.net est heureux de vous annoncer la naissance de "THE UPGRADE! PARIS" AVEC ATAU TANAKA, qui présente son nouveau projet, « Net_Dérive » qui aura lieu a la Maison Rouge les 6 et 7 octobre prochain. Médiateur : Dominique Moulon.

Atau Tanaka bridges cultures of east and west, of technology and music. He creates music with sensors and networks - a composer who is performer, a performer who is instrument builder, finding the voice in interactive technology. His first inspirations came in the 80’s upon meeting John Cage. He came up in Silicon Valley in the 90’s making music from virtual reality technology. He moved to Paris in 1992 and played music festivals like Sonar, Musique Action and Club Transmediale, and arts centers like IRCAM, STEIM and V2, making interactive systems for Fred Frith and others. He founded Sensorband with Zbigniew Karkowski and Edwin van der Heide, mythic for their physical performances and monumental instruments.


After five years in France, he moved in 1997 to Japan for a project at NTT/ICC and came in contact with the noise music scene, playing with Merzbow, Otomo, KK Null and others. Back in France since 2001, he has realized large scale installations with Kasper Toeplitz and network pieces including a commission from the German radio SWR. He has curated a collection of Japanese music for the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Atau is best known for his performances with the BioMuse - a sensor system that turns his body into a musical instrument. Muscle tension is captured and modulates digital signal processes in the computer. Concentrated gestures, not unsimilar to Tai-chi, create pulsing organic electronic sounds. He creates layers of pure tones and noise, sculpting and filtering with broad strokes with his arms. Sweeping through empty space, he creates virtual sculptures in sound, making the listening experience visceral.

Atau’s work has beern recognized by the Ars Electronica, the Cyberstar award, and the Daniel Langlois Foundation for Art, Science and Technology. He has CD releases on solo, group, and compilation recordings on labels such as Subrosa, Bip-hop, Caipirinha Music, Touch/Ash, Sonoris, Sirr-ecords, and others.

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