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July 20, 2006

Meta Morphic "Living" Architecture


Why can't architecture grow with us?

Digitally-aided technology can be imbedded in the creation of new, living systems. Recent advancements in the production of living materials and in the logic behind the kinetics of robots have brought both fields closer together, and have begun to blur the lines of what we think of as "living." Robots made of parts that can communicate with each other act the same as living materials, and should be considered "alive" because they can respond to changing information (conditions), much like living materials can.

Digital technology, and the mechanics that allow spaces to be kinetic, should be embedded in the physical architecture we live in. The form of Architecture should not be predetermined, instead Architecture should play a more active role in suggesting new ways for its inhabitants to use space based on real time information exchanges. Recently, technological advancements have been made in robotic fields that look at new ways of designing systems to be more interactive. We should employ this way of thinking when we design the relationships of the parts that make up interactive space. Spaces should be constructed of parts that have the ability to communicate with one another and constantly reshape our experience. -- Robert Miles Kemp [via Interactive Architecture]

Posted by jo at July 20, 2006 09:54 AM