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June 09, 2006



@ Waves 2006 and Bandits-Mages 2007

SPECTROGRAPHY by Ewen Chardronnet & Rasa Smite: In 2004, RIXC and Ellipse led, together with their partners from Slovenia, Finland, Norway and Iceland, the 2000 cultural programme called “Trans-Cultural Cartography”, on the occasion of the celebrations connected with the enlarging of the European Union.

A closing performance of “Etonnante Lettonie” (“Surprising Latvia”) will be made in the evening at the Bandits-Mages digital festival, in Bourges, following a workshop and a collective digital art and sound art exhibition at the Point Ephémère in Paris.

The theme proposed by RIXC and Ellipse for this trans-regional project is "spectography". A process of visualization and sonification of the data of the electromagnetic spectrum will, amongst other things, present some of the work done by the RT32 radiotelescope in Latvia and the technologies of the transmission and creative process of sound and image by means of live techniques on the net or via satellite.

The workshop and its set-up will build up and explore transmission channels live on the web and via satellite between RIXC in Riga and the Point Ephémère in Paris. Two simultaneous workshops in Paris and in Riga and interactions with bases situated in Lyon, Bordeaux, Strasbourg as parts of the ECM network will explore the means to gather, process and transmit information. The “Studio RIXC” site will supply the project’s permanent information. The “Spectography” project is meant to link both workshops via the internet and satellite. Both workshops are the preparatory events to the 8th “Art+Communication: Waves” festival organised by the RIXC in Riga in 2006.

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