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March 07, 2006

Interview with Christophe Bruno


Diverting Global Symbolic Structures

"Sascha: Can you tell in a few sentences what most of your work is about?

Christophe Bruno: If you look at my work, I guess you will find that it mostly deals with the idea of diverting global symbolic structures like Google search engine, news portals or the blogosphere etc. I made quite a few pieces using language as a medium, but trying to grasp what I thought had been renewed by the rise of the Web: Semantic capitalism, Joycean epiphanies or formerly...

I also made some pieces about the question of the image, but always in relation to language or to some critical context, like fascinum or non-weddings.

Then I've been exploring wireless technologies, as in WiFi-SM. But I think that parody (well it's not a parody anymore since I built the device since then) also tells you something about my position concerning the relation I see between art and technology. I have strong attachments to the original net.art movement but I don't consider myself as a digital artist, term which doesn't mean anything to me." Full interview at we make money not art.

Posted by jo at March 7, 2006 11:21 AM