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December 16, 2005

Audio Visual Orchestra


Hallunication, Synaesthesia and Technology

The Audio Visual Orchestra--an HMC MediaLab project--explores the relationship between hallucination and technology, between the natural and the artificial and between the everyday and the mystical. It recreates an altered state of consciousness in the viewer solely through technological means. It is fractaline, chaotic and self-organising in form. These pieces represent a shared space between the physical and the virtual, the brain and the mind.

The Audio Visual Orchestra brings together dancers, musicians and video artists, working to create stunning live art pieces, with an emphasis on combining the spiritual with the technological, culminating in artworks that will react dynamically to your presence. As you stand in the space huge screens show an image of you with colours and shapes flying around your body. The visuals are complimented by strange echoing sounds that react to any noise you make. The sounds and the visuals can be intrinsically linked creating a true synaesthesia.

Posted by jo at December 16, 2005 03:30 PM