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September 28, 2005



First Rabbit

Nabaztag is a newborn bunny, one of a unique species of intelligent, smart objects. I'm 23 cm tall, I wriggle my ears, I sing, I talk and my body lights up and pulsates with hundreds of colours. Thanks to Wi-Fi technology, I'm always connected to the Internet. Oh, and I'll only set you back 95 €.

Set me up in your home or office and I'll be your personal companion. I can tell you about tomorrow's weather, about traffic jams on the ring road, keep you posted about the stock market's roller coaster rides. I can tell you discreetly, just by flashing or moving my ears about. I can also do it with music or talk. Obviously, you're always in control of what news you want to hear. And there's more...

Thanks to me, your friends and family will have a totally new way of keeping in touch: through the web, text messages, their phone or email… plenty of different ways to send you messages, music, MP3 files that I'll read out to you… or sing out, or even dance. Your friends will no longer be confined to the depths of your computer or phone: they'll come alive in your home, in the noble guise of a rabbit.

But that's still not all. This only the start of a new era of smart objects, and you'll have plenty of opportunities to discover and invent new uses - as useful, futile or subtle as you choose.

Posted by jo at September 28, 2005 08:00 AM