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September 25, 2005

Instrument of Experience


exploratory listening experience

Music composer/interactive sound artist Ali Momeni and sculptor Robin Mandel collaborate on the perScrutinizer , an interactive installation exploring gesture, expectation and musical interactivity.

Hand gestures are translated to electro-mechanical movements of remote-controlled objects. In response to hand gestures, the objects play their bell jar / cage-structure like a percussion instrument, they collide with, scrape against and bounce off its walls. Real-time software generates additional musical layers that are amplified onto the cage by a coupled loud-speaker driver. While playing the cage with one hand, the user listens to the cage with a stethoscope in the other hand.

The stethoscope is introduced as listening interface: one plays with one hand and listens with the other. The stethoscope allows the listener to move freely from one installation to another, listening to or joining another user's musings on a different instrument. The layout of the installation as well as the design of certain cages encourage simultaneous play by multiple users.

Posted by michelle at September 25, 2005 02:30 AM