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July 27, 2005



Grants for Indian New Performance Artists

New Performance Programme: Are you a performing artist or group? Are you seeking funds to develop an innovative new production in theatre, music, dance or other forms of performance art? If so, this programme is addressed to you. Please read on.

Scope: This programme supports exciting new productions in the performing arts. These productions could straddle different genres in the performing arts, explore multilingualism in performance, use new media innovatively, or address subjects that have not been widely explored in performance. These are only examples, however, and do not exhaust the possibilities offered by this programme.

Application: Applications under this programme can be submitted for consideration at any time. You may write your proposal in any Indian language including English. You can expect to receive a reply from us within one month, indicating whether your proposal falls within the programme's scope and budgetary limits.

To apply, please send us a short note describing:

a) Your existing practice, and your concerns and interests as a practitioner.
b) The nature of the production for which you are seeking funding and how it addresses our programme.

Please also remember to include the following with your proposal:

a) Reviews and recordings (if available) of your work.
b) Your bio-data or background information about your institution.
c) Your address, telephone/fax numbers, and e-mail address.
d) A work plan, specifying the duration of the project.
e) A budget.

You may also wish to include two references from senior artists in your field.

You may seek support to cover costs relating to the mounting of your production. These could go beyond technical production costs to include pre-production research and other costs. You can also include costs for the first performance of the production in your budget.

You are welcome to develop your proposal through dialogue and interaction with IFA staff. You may write to us or post an online letter of inquiry describing your project idea briefly. You may also use the online letter of inquiry to communicate with us on any matter pertaining to this programme.

Eligibility: You are eligible to apply if you are an Indian national, a registered non-profit Indian organization, or have been resident in India for at least five years. Your collaborators, if any, should also fall into one of the above categories.

Send your queries and proposals to: contactus[at]indiaifa.org or write to:

The Executive Director
India Foundation for the Arts
Tharangini, 12th Cross, Raj Mahal Vilas Extension
Bangalore - 560 080
Tel/fax: 080 - 2361-0584 / 2361-0583

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