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July 06, 2007

ProvFlux 2007


Carnival | Conference

July 12-15, 2007 :: Providence, RI :: Part carnival and part conference, ProvFlux brings together artists, theorists, urban adventurers and the general public to share their visions of what the city can be, and to take action to make it a reality. The simple premise behind ProvFlux is to create an environment of positive activity, and to continue expanding upon the ideas of what one can do in their city. It exists to invite people from all walks of life to meet on the common ground that is our city streets, in an unjuried, completely free and 100% participatory environment.

One event amongst many is An Atlas, a traveling exhibition of artists working with “radical cartography”—a practice that uses maps and mapping to promote social change. The 11 participating artists, architects, and collectives take on issues from globalization to garbage and explore the map’s role as a political agent. Works include Ashley Hunt’s intricate diagram of the social effects of the global prison-industrial complex; the Center for Urban Pedagogy’s mapping of the people who make and manage the “garbage machine” in New York City; Trevor Paglen and John Emerson’s route map of CIA rendition flights; and Invisible 5’s audio tour of the “toxic landscape” along Interstate 5 in California. Other participating artists include: An Architektur, Institute for Applied Autonomy, Pedro Lasch, Lize Mogel, Brooke Singer, Jane Tsong, and Unayyan.

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