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June 14, 2007

Andy Gracie and others



DIGITAL UNIT RESEARCH presents BIORAMA @ MEDIA Centre Huddersfield :: July 13, 2007: A one-day event serving to contextualise, examine and expand upon the work and theory produced while Andy Gracie is Artist in Residence at the DRU. The research undertaken during the residency weaves together the microbiology of the Pennines around Marsden Moor, traditional and digital networking systems, perceptions of landscape and the history and possible future of interstellar communication.

Biorama Hike: _starting at 10 a.m. @ Marsden :: A 5 mile guided walking lecture and environmental study with Andy Gracie and Brandon Ballangee on Marsden Moor lasting around 3 hours. The walk will cover some of the physical territory featured in Andy's research, the talk will cover the parallel conceptual territories and simple scientific experiments will be carried out at various points on the way. Each participant will receive the Biorama Hiking kit with which to enhance their experience of the event. Particpants should book in advance as places are limited and should bring sturdy walking footwear and sun block.

Biorama Sessions: _starting at 3 p.m. @ Media Centre of Huddersfield :: The Biorama Sessions will introduce a number of artists whose work explores the natural environment, artificial landscapes and interactions with real or imagined lifeforms.

Participants: Agnes Meyer-Brandis, Andy Gracie, Brandon Ballengee, C-Lab, etoy, France Cadet, and London Fieldworks. Special guests in the evening.

Designed and presented by Monica Bello (CAPSULA) for the Digital Research Unit. Contact: monica[at]capsula.org.es.

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