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May 30, 2007

Upgrade! Skopje


Iliadahomero: Language as Code

Upgrade! Skopje: Iliadahomero [ performance ] :: The Iliad of Homer, book 1 :: Translated by Odorico Mendes (Brasil, 1799-1864) :: directed by: Octavio Camargo :: performed by: Claudete Pereira Jorge :: Monday, 04 June 2007 :: start: 21:00 sharp :: Length of the performance: 50 min :: Cultural Center Tocka, Skopje :: free entrance.

Line I+M proudly presents the Iliadahomero performance, which is part of the European tour of the Iliadahomero Theatre Company in May - June 2007 with Claudete Pereira Jorge, directed by Octavio Camargo. The performance will be in portugese. Here, Homer is used as a media, a vehicle for interaction in different platforms of languages projecting different translations to different idioms and also sharing the code, (seeing language as code) of the literary matrixes of occidental thinking bringing this ancient formulation to a more comtemporary transposition. This brazilian group begins their tour from Thessalonikа (for the first Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art ), and then travels to Skopje, Istanbul, Sofia, München, Lisbon, Porto... This event is established as a collaboration between Upgrade! International nodes, emerging network of new media artists and curators.

Interview with the actress as well as some parts of the perfomance can be seen here.

Upgrade! Skopje is a monthly gathering of new media artists and curators. Upgrade! Skopje will organize presentations, exhibitions, workshops, discussions, sound performances, dj and/or vj gigs, video presentations... with general aim for promotion and development of new media art practices, through various kinds of exhibiting and performing. Meetings can take place on various locations in Skopje like: clubs, cafes, galleries or studios. We think that is very important to find different space, appropriate for each kind of event, building different type of audience, establishing collaboration with various scenes, building stronger scene, community and networking. Upgrade! Skopje is opened for every artist that is travelling this way to present their work here, get promoted and become introduced with the local scene with aim to develop collaboration/communication. Upgrade! Skopje is organized by Line - initiative and movement.

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