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May 21, 2007

Transitive Materials Ubicomp 2007 Workshop


Call for Papers

Transitive Materials: Towards an Integrated Approach to Material Technology - Ubicomp 2007 Workshop: Call for Papers :: Submission deadline: June 15, 2007 :: Workshop date: September 16, 2007 :: transitive[at]media.mit.edu

The worlds of architecture, fashion and ubiquitous computing are rapidly converging. Shape-changing polymers, parametric design, e-textiles, sensor networks, and intelligent interfaces are now positioned to provide the underpinnings of truly ubiquitous interactivity. Seamless and effective integration will determine our ability to create more cohesive computational systems that extend invisibly from on-body to indoor environment to urban-scale structures, and can more meaningfully respond to our personal and social actvities.

This workshop will focus on the use of responsive materials as the physical and computational bridge between form and function, body and environment, structures and membranes. Rather than overlaying computation using add-on patches or gadgets, we seek to define and emphasize the integration of novel “transitive materials” that blur the gap between computation and structure, and between disciplines that have traditionally stood apart.

We hope to foster an open discussion between researchers and practitioners from the design (architecture, fashion, textiles) and scientific disciplines (ubicomp, wearables, computation, materials), in order to shed light on the possibilities and limitations brought forth by new material technologies. We also hope to explore how such transitive materials can function as the binding matter in the design of objects, garments and spaces that realize truly omnipresent interactivity.

Workshop Format and Submission Instructions

We invite researchers and practitioners from the design (architecture, fashion, textiles) and scientific disciplines (ubicomp, wearables, computation, materials) to submit their work. Full submission details are available at the workshop website.


Marcelo Coelho MIT Media Lab), Sajid Sadi (MIT Media Lab), Pattie Maes (MIT Media Lab), Joanna Berzowska (XS Labs, Concordia University), and Neri Oxman (MIT Department of Architecture).

Program Committee

Michelle Addington (Yale School of Achitecture), Mette Ramsgard Thomsen (The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, CITA) and Jennifer Leonard (IDEO)

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