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April 24, 2007



Presentations by ITP Graduate Students

Venue: The Change You want to See Gallery, 84 Havemeyer @ Metropolitan, Brooklyn, NY 11211 :: L to Bedford o Lorimer, G to Metropolitan, J/M/Z to Marcy :: Hours: 12-5 pm, Saturday, April 28, 2007.

Presentations on the theory & practice of tactical media and contemporary protest art, by graduate students in the ITP program at NYU's Tisch School of the arts.

The presenters' talks will be grouped into three panels, to be moderated by their Professor, Marisa Olson (Editor & Curator, Rhizome), on the topics of Play & Consumption; Fear, Spectacle, and the Media; and the Interfaces and Architecture of Control. These panels will consist of both artist talks and analytical essays and audience members will be invited to give feedback on a few works in progress.


12:00 Open Seating

12:15 Welcome & Introduction, Marisa Olson

12:30-2 Practicing Play & Consumption

Panelists: Kati London, Felipe Ribeiro, Tim McNerney, and Stefanie Wuschitz

2-3:30 Fear, Spectacle, and the Media

Panelists: Armin Cooper, Emery Martin, Anjali Patel, and Ben Yee

3:30-5 Interfaces & Architectures of Control

Panelists: Mushon Zer-Aviv; collaborators Nick Hasty, Josh Knowles,
and Tim Stutts; and collaborators Kunal Gupta and Tristan Perich

About the venue: The Change You Want To See is the gallery and convergence stage run by the activist arts collective Not An Alternative.

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