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February 16, 2007

The Bigger Picture + Urban Screens Conference


Call for Proposals, Papers and Projects

The Bigger Picture Commissions 2007 + Urban Screens Conference, Manchester 07 :: Call for Proposals, Papers and Projects :: 1) The Bigger Picture Announces International Call for Major Public Realm Commissions :: 2) Urban Screens Conference Manchester 07 Call for Papers :: 3) Urban Screens Conference Manchester 07 Call for Projects.

THE BIGGER PICTURE :: INTERNATIONAL CALL FOR MAJOR PUBLIC REALM COMMISSIONS: National UK commissioning and production partners: Cornerhouse (Manchester), ENTER_ (Cambridge), Lumen (Leeds) & Site Gallery (Sheffield), with support from BBC, funded by Arts Council England :: DEADLINE FOR PROPOSALS Friday 30 March 2007 :: to be launched at Urban Screens Conference Manchester 07.

The Bigger Picture exhibits artists’ film & video and interactive / participatory screen based projects on Big Screen Manchester, UK. Utilising this unique screening space, The Bigger Picture is able to present a host of artists’ works to large and diverse audiences reaching beyond the traditional gallery context. Cornerhouse, working in partnership with BBC and Manchester City Council, delivers The Bigger Picture’s curated programmes, whilst additionally commissioning and touring large outdoor screen-based programmes.

The Bigger Picture is inviting proposals for the production of exceptional new public realm works to be launched on Big Screen Manchester at the time of the Urban Screens Conference Manchester 07 (11&12 October), and to tour to partner city Big Screens and public sites throughout 2007/8. Four new works will be commissioned, each with an attached fee of £5000 (7400 EUR / 9700 USD) based on an agreed budget, of up to £10,000 for production (14,900 EUR / 19,500 USD).

This is a significant opportunity for film, video, new media and cross-disciplinary artists to explore unique new ways of creating and exhibiting work for a public context. Each National Commissioning partner will lead on the production of one new work. Partners are particularly encouraging proposals of the following nature:

- Interactive and participatory new work
- Interdisciplinary new work (combined arts, performing arts, audiovisual)
- Evolving or expanded work
- New media and streaming technology
- Film & Video

Artists previously commissioned by The Bigger Picture include Christine Molloy and Joe Lawlor (desperate optimists), Kartoon Kings (Simon Grennan and Christopher Sperandio), plus Paul Melia, Hilary Jack, The Light Surgeons, Adele Prince and Louise K Wilson.

For more information on how to submit, including key information, guidelines & submission form, and BBC technical specifications, see >>.

Deadline for proposals 30 March 2007.

Big Screen Manchester, is part of a UK Big Screen network, operated by the BBC.

CALL FOR PAPERS – Closing date: March 2, 2007

The next Urban Screens Conference focuses on the development of non-commercial content for big urban displays such as LED, LCD, plasma screens, media façades and projections onto buildings.

What characterises these huge displays as media platforms in urban space and which particular spatial and social situations do they create? How are they perceived? How does creative content flow from this?

We will discuss:

- urban screens as channels for alternative public broadcasting in times of Web 2.0, YouTube, increasing broadband rates and Creative Commons.
- which interactive and participatory applications could enrich urban life beyond simple entertainment.
- which linear artistic productions such as animations, video, film or text suit a presentation in public space.
- how displays can be integrated into the urban environment in meaningful ways.
- which economies drive and limit both the implementation of urban screens in public space and the commissioning of creative content.
- the evaluation of creative content with regard to how it is perceived.

For the Urban Screens Conference we are looking for proposals for papers that deal with the above mentioned topics or other related fields of research.


Please email proposals for papers in the form of a 500 word max abstract and your/the presenter’s CV by March 2, 2007 to info[at]manchesterurbanscreens.org.uk

CALL FOR PROJECT PROPOSALS – Closing date: March 2, 2007

The conference is accompanied by an inspiring programme of public events and exhibitions, including screening programmes as well as performance-based and participatory art projects which make use of the BBC Big Screens Network. We are looking for existing and potentially adaptable projects which employ one ore more permanent or temporary screen.

We are particularly interested in projects:

- exploring web-based content and streaming media
- connecting screen audiences in various places
- interactive and participatory works using bodily interfaces and ubiquitous communication devices
- text pieces, video and animation which suit airing on urban screens
- performance-based works including audiovisual performance/VJing

For detailed information on the BBC screens’ system please see www.manchesterurbanscreens.org.uk


Please send project proposals in the form of a project description, illustrative material and the author’s CV by March 2, 2007 to:

Urban Screens Conference
70 Oxford Street
Manchester M1 5NH
United Kingdom

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