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January 26, 2007

Biomapping Brixton



Biomapping Brixton-How do you feel about the area that you live in? Which areas do you have a physical and emotional response to? The Hayward are running workshops with artist Christian Nold to create bio maps of areas in Brixton and Clapham. These workshops are FREE and promise to be a fascinating insight into your community

The Bio Mapping tool allows the wearer to record their Galvanic Skin Response (GSR), which is a simple indicator of emotional arousal, in conjunction with their geographical location. This can be used to plot a map that highlights points of high and low arousal. By sharing this data we can construct maps that visualise where we as a community feel stressed and excited. These workshops involve a walk around the area followed by a download session where your physical responses are downloaded and mapped on Google Earth.

It is strongly recommended that you register your interest beforehand as the number of participants has to be limited to a maximum of 10.

Meeting and download point:

Brixton - Monday 29 Jan. Meet at Brixton Library at 2.30pm
Clapham - Monday 12 Feb. Meet at Clapham City Learning Centre

For more information and to register your interest in either of these workshops please e-mail Paul.green[at]southbankcentre.co.uk

To find out more about the Southbank Centre's programme of socially engaged digital arts projects please visit.

To find out more about Christian's work and bio mapping visit:
http://www.biomapping.net or http://www.softhook.com

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