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January 24, 2007



Request for Information

TAGS NETWORKS NARRATIVE :: Exploring the use of tagging and folksonomy in digital narrative research :: * Tagging as a form of communication * Folksonomy as an emergent knowledge network * Narrative as a common ground.

THE PROJECT: Tags Networks Narrative is a unique speculative project exploring the potential for collaborative keyword tagging (folksonomy) in narrative research. We want to know: (1) What kinds of collaborative social network tools are available for the gathering and classification of information? (2) Which researchers are making online narratives the focus of study, and how are those projects categorised by discipline? (3) How can these researchers make effective use of social network tools to share knowledge and develop interdisciplinary collaborations?

We are interested in the ways in which academic researchers studying narratives might develop people-to-people models of knowledge-sharing across disciplines. To that end, we are seeking researchers working in any type of narrative in any discipline to include in our database of projects and individuals. We would also welcome your suggestions for other researchers who might like to hear from us.

REQUEST FOR PARTICIPATION: We are especially interested in researchers who are willing to participate in our tagging experiments, due to take place Spring 2007. For more information please contact Bruce Mason as soon as possible at bmason01[at]dmu.ac.uk.

The project is based in the Institute of Creative Technologies (IOCT) at De Montfort University and funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Board from October 2006-September 2007. The Project Team comprises Professor Sue Thomas, Simon Mills and Bruce Mason. Website.

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