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October 27, 2006

Art and Aporia: Imaging Place


Interview with JC Fremont (aka John Craig Freeman)

JC Fremont: I am considering your two pieces on the white cube (part 1 and part 2 ) and my feeling is that if it looks like art then it probably isn't art.

Lythe Witte: interesting!

JC Fremont: In RL but especially here in SL.

I asked JC Fremont to elaborate via email: “Well art that imitates art in the real world is repugnant. SL art that imitates RL art is irrelevant. Okay a painting served the ideology of 20th century consumer capital society. It became the ultimate commodity object. More profitable than gold or plutonium. Remember that art before the rise of commodity capital was sight specific. It resided in the cathedral or on the cave wall. No way to buy and sell. What could possibly be the purpose of making cartoon representations of paintings in a virtual environment? Art should be unrecognisable as such. In electrate culture the forms will change drastically. We don't know what electrate art will be yet. First, Electrate art will have no object, evade commodity consumption. If it can be commodified then it is not good electrate art. Second, never finished it will always be in a state of becoming, upgrading. Art needs to disrupt.” Continue reading Art and Aporia: Imaging Place by Lythe Witte.

Posted by jo at October 27, 2006 10:42 AM