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October 25, 2006




PRC | POV: PHOTOGRAPHY NOW AND THE NEXT 30 YEARS :: November 3, 2006 – January 28, 2007 :: The PRC and 30 luminaries predict "ones to watch" :: Opening reception, Thursday, November 2, 5:30-7:30pm.

Boston, MA. The Photographic Resource Center—a non-profit gallery, education, and resource center—is pleased to present a unique exhibition in honor of the organization’s founding in 1976. The PRC has always been at the forefront of emerging ideas and work and for our 30th anniversary, we chose to focus attention on new and novel ideas in photography and related media. Nominations were solicited from current and past PRC staff, board, and luminaries for people, places, and things that might just be getting attention (or deserve more) as well as those that will likely make a significant contribution to the field of photographic arts in the next 30 years.

Conceived as one generation shaking the hand of another, the exhibition and its title honors all of our nominators’ “points of view” as well as the former PRC publication, VIEWS: A New England Journal of Photography. It was hoped that the “PRC 30” would reflect the insights of our nominators, but also direct attention outwards towards “up-and-coming” artists, entities, and ideas. Final selections were primarily informed by our mission as a “vital forum for the exploration and interpretation of new work, ideas, and methods in photography and related media.” The resulting gallery and online exhibition is collaborative and future-focused.

Numerous themes have emerged in PRC/POV that speak to current photographic practices and larger artworld issues. Media and genre boundaries continue to blur and frontiers, international and virtual, are ever expanding. The artists and artworks are international—including artists and images from Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, and more—and the selected entities include everything from a photography bookstore, to an online arts magazine, eBay, and Photoshop. The artwork is both traditional and innovative—including documentary work from Lebanon, Ghana, and Manila to an installation from a scanned 16mm film, a collage made using a photobooth strips, to photographs and videos from performances.

Installed as an inventive survey exhibition, we hope that this unique show and project will be a true snapshot of “photography and related media now” and, if we are correct collectively, a benchmark for the next 30 years. More information and images from each artist and entity are found in a special full-color insert in the PRC’s November/ December newsletter, in the loupe, as well in a *special PRC/POV website* with statements, links, and more, to launch November 1 at prcboston.org.

1.) Adobe® Photoshop®, (San Jose, CA), Nominated by Andrew D. Epstein
2.) Julie Anand (Phoenix, AZ), Nominated by Jim Stone
3.) ASPECT Magazine (Boston, MA), Nominated by Pamela Allara
4.) Big RED and Shiny, Inc. (Boston, MA), Nominated by Bruce Myren
5.) Martha Buskirk (Cambridge, MA), Nominated by Patricia Johnston
6.) John Chervinsky (Somerville, MA), Nominated by Barbara Hitchcock
7.) Dashwood Books (New York, NY), Nominated by Eelco Wolf
8.) Robert Ladislas Derr (Columbus, OH), Nominated by Anita Douthat
9.) eBay Inc. (San Jose, CA), Nominated by Rodger Kingston
10.) Foundation for the Exhibition of Photography (Minneapolis, MN & Paris, France), Nominated by A. D. Coleman
Lajos Geenen (Born 1972, Bleiswijk, The Netherlands;Lives in New York City, NY),
Preliminary #5, From “The Preliminary” series,2004/2006, Digital C-print, 24 x 20 inches, Courtesy ofthe artist and Robert Klein Gallery, Boston, MA
11.) Miklos Gaál (Helsinki, Finland), Nominated by John Stomberg
12.) Tim Garrett and Photobooth.net (St. Louis, MO), Nominated by Henry Horenstein
13.) Lajos Geenen (New York, NY; Born The Netherlands), Nominated by Robert Klein
14.) Elijah Gowin (Kansas City, MO), Nominated by Jim Dow
15.) Chehalis Hegner (Campton, NH), Nominated by Arno Rafael Minkkinen
16.) Todd Hido (San Francisco, CA), Nominated by Carl Chiarenza
17.) In-Sight Photography Project Inc. (Brattleboro, VT), Nominated by Arno Rafael Minkkinen & Jim Dow
18.) interrupt art productions (Artist Collective; Based in Brooklyn, NY), featuring the work of Mikael Kennedy and Mandy Lamb, Nominated by Robert Seydel
19.) Jaclyn Kain (Jamaica Plain, MA), Nominated by Rick Grossman
20.) Misty Keasler (Dallas, TX), Nominated by Jean Caslin
21.) Linda Kroff (Los Angeles, CA), Nominated by Bart Parker
22.) Jonathan Monk (Berlin, Germany; Born Leicester, England), Nominated by Darsie Alexander
23.) Scott Peterman (Hollis, ME), Nominated by Terrence Morash
24.) PUBLIO Magazine (Boston, MA), Nominated by Karl Baden
25.) Susana Reisman (Toronto, CA; Born Caracas, Venezuela), Nominated by Jeff Weiss
26.) Dana Romanoff (Works Washington, DC), Nominated by John P. Jacob
27.) Claudia Saimbert (Methuen, MA), Nominated by Stan Trecker
28.) Karina Aguilera Skvirsky (New York, NY), Nominated by Sara Rosenfeld Dassel
29.) Paul Taggart (Based in Middle East), Nominated by Lou Jones
30.) Turbulence.org, a project of New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc. (aka Ether-Ore), (Roslindale, MA & Staten Island, NY), featuring “Self-Portrait” commission by Ethan Ham (New York, NY), Nominated by Laura Blacklow.

And one to grow on…Flickr ! This unique website and photo management application was selected by the PRC and is dedicated to our audience. We invite gallery visitors to take a snapshot, which will be uploaded to the PRC’s Flickr site. We also welcome you to leave thoughts and predictions on the future of the PRC and photography in the gallery and online.

Photographic Resource Center, 832 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215.
617.975.0600 (tel), 617.975.0606 (fax), www.prcboston.org, prc@bu.edu MBTA: B Green Line, BU West T-stop
HOURS: Tuesday through Friday from 10 to 6pm, Thursdays from 10 to 8pm, Saturday and Sunday 12 to 5pm.

ADMISSION: $3/general public, $2/students and seniors and FREE to all Institutional Plus Member Schools. In addition, the PRC is FREE to all on Thursdays and on the last weekend of every month. The PRC is always FREE to members, IP member schools, children under 18, BU students, faculty, and staff, as well as all school groups with appointments. The PRC is accessible.

ABOUT THE PRC: Founded in 1976, The Photographic Resource Center is a vital independent non-profit organization dedicated to photographic education and presentation. Operating from the campus of Boston University, it provides a highly acclaimed exhibition program of 5-6 exhibitions a year, a bi-monthly newsletter, lectures, workshops, special events, and a 4,000-volume resource library to our members and the general public. It is supported by grants from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, numerous private foundations, corporations, and individuals, and the ongoing generosity of its members.

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