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October 31, 2006

Yahoo! Time Capsule


Add Second Life Pics

The Electric Sheep Company (sponsors of this blog) are holding an event this Thursday and Friday, October 26-27, that will collect screenshots and text from the virtual world of Second Life for inclusion in the Yahoo! Time Capsule project, which will be sealed on November 8 and re-opened in the year 2020. Thatís pretty cool (and Yahoo!ís Web site is cool as well). One thing strikes me, though. Why arenít there 3D models being included in the time capsule? Itís not a particular failure of vision on Yahoo!ís part; it probably has more to do with the fact that thereís not yet a standard for such objects, nor can you export such information out of Second Life in a way thatís supported by the company and intelligible to other applications. Virtual 3D objects are not yet widely and easily manipulable, as, say, a chunk of html code is, or a jpeg file. The problem runs far deeper than the technological; the absence of a standard or other open system or protocol means that many people donít think of the virtual world as just another part of the rest of their lives. When an online world can reach out to and communicate easily with many other online platforms, weíll start to see more constructive attention being paid. Itís almost as if weíre now at 3pointD v1.0. Personally, Iím looking forward to 3pointD 2.0. If that makes any sense at all. [posted by Mark Wallace on 3pointD]

Posted by jo at October 31, 2006 03:15 PM