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October 11, 2006



Film Festival Amsterdam

IDFA / CUT-n-PASTE presents the DOCS ONLINE programme :: 23 November and 3 December, 2006 Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA).

In 2000, the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) started a special programme focusing on new practices and changes within the media landscape as set out by documentary filmmakers and their audience. This year, the Festival will reanimate this 'DOCS ONLINE' programme and provide a platform for the actual 'state of the art' in this field.

What can we say after five years? Interaction designers and filmmakers DO work together. Audiences ARE multi-channel users in getting their information and entertainment. The development of new media platforms and the availability of new devices used by large audiences require a different approach from the documentary field. While devices become cheaper and lighter new ideas can lead to new ways of storytelling.

During the coming Festival which takes place between 23 November and 3 December, 2006, DOCS ONLINE will focus on this theme. We plan to invite various (film)makers, artists and documentary storytellers who are inspired by new means and work in different ways. We would like to give the floor to these authors who use other channels and platforms and who interact with their audiences in new manners.

IDFA would like to make an appeal to filmmakers and artists to present their work in DOCS ONLINE. We, the editors (Cut-n-Paste), are urgently looking for interesting documentary projects.

DOCS ONLINE focuses on the actual 'state of the art,' and so we ARE interested in inspiring concepts which communicate strong content in a logical and effective way. Therefore, we are NOT looking for ideas to exchange material or collaborate in research and financing.

There MUST be a project we haven't heard about in the documentary world that you might have seen and we want to present to a bigger audience.
So, TELL us soon!

SEND your information to Cut-n-Paste: info@cut-n-paste.nl or to IDFA (adriek@idfa.nl)

Research and editors: Carolien Euser and Nathalie Faber (Cut-n-Paste)

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