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October 02, 2006

Maps & Devices (Glade)


André Sier's exhibition

atan, je t'aime..., struct_0. To reach the glade. Maps & Devices will take several shapes at Agência de Arte Vera Cortês, in Lisbon, starting September 2006 and throughout 2007; in a series of small exhibitions, the audience will have the opportunity to see works by André Sier, who tries to cristallize inovative space-time relations, using computer programming languages to develop interactive audiovisual art works. In the first part of Maps & Devices - the Glade, we will find advertisements and maps for the construction of algorithmic devices that make time unravel in various ways.

attan (2005) is a group of cuomputer generated program-drawings that bring into view glimpses of arrangements of small objects and their interconections. It includes small image programs that develop around topics like Babel, Europe, WWW III, the sun and that map the evolution of moving code links that have become static in print. Atan is the mathematical operation that searches the arch based on its tangent- The drawings evolve using only elemnts of the program that generates them, creating incoherent programs that can not run without breaking down the system - but it is possible to provide these kamikaze programs with standard structural images, from which to evolve and crash.

je t'aime... (1998) is Sier's first site-specific work with continuous sound. it sends the sound from a space, through omnidirectional contact microphones that translate the vibrations created by the environment's sounds and people moving around, into a woofer modified in order to contain fluids. The physicalness of the amplified sounds creates concentric patterns that vibrate on the water surface of the speaker/object to the sound details captured by the microphones. The device also amplifies the fluid oscillating patterns using a light projector and a mirror to luminously enlarge the pattern at the woofer.

struct_0 (2001) is the first version of the struct series, exploring several conjugations of the open using sound and image. It is a site-specific audiovisual installation running code on the sound of the space. The computer application seeks to permeate different sound lines captured in the room, drawing gaps in the natural time flow. Visually, one can see a particle (line) system in synchrony with the orchestrated sound fabric, in permanent flow.

For more info visit Vera Cortes Agencia de Arte

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