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October 07, 2006

Live Media Art

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First Play Berlin

TRAMPOLINE presents: FIRST PLAY BERLIN – a programme of live media art.

1. Day Of The Figurines NOW LIVE! – read Game Rumours for the gossip
2. FIRST PLAY BERLIN – launched Thursday 12th Oct.

FIRST PLAY BERLIN is funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation,
British Council, Hebbel am Ufer and Radiator Festival for New Technology
Art. For more information about FIRST PLAY BERLIN and Trampoline – the
international platform for new media art - go to www.trampoline-berlin.de.

1. Day Of The Figurines – Blast Theory

Since September 28th, the population of the fictional town represented in Day Of The Figurines has been growing. Inundated by an increasing number of game characters, the laser cut steel city at the heart of Hau 2 provides the stamping ground for an equal number of miniature figurines, each one representing a player enjoying the game. If you aren’t a player yet and live in Berlin, come and join in the experience every day from 16h – 20h at HAU2.

Day Of The Figurines: Game Rumours

9.02 am at the RATResearch institute. HASSAN, who has a muscular chest, is frustrated from trying to throw his SICK DOGS over the gates. The brawny liberator has a clutch of the animals with him after creeping out of the institute with the sound of alarm bells in his ears. Now, stuck inside the perimeter fence, HASSAN meets SUPERGIRL, who kick starts a little fun by hitting him with her BRANCH.

JOHN, on the other side of the gates, says nothing.

Meanwhile in KATH's Cafe, rumours have started that HASSAN was in bed with SHINGLES, thus blowing his chances of success at the RATResearch institute. However, dreamy MARGHERITA, still angling for a way to run away with HASSAN, pointed out that SHINGLES left town the day before.

By 9.35am FRÄULEIN AGATHE, a stewardess cool as ice, is standing outside the institute gates. She has followed HASSAN from the PRODuct Barn. HASSAN apologizes for not being able to give her a bunk up, explaining that he can't quite get the hang of his STEPLADDER. JOE AND BILLY appear and offer some advice on the use of tools and they all head off to KATH's for some TEA. They are feeling poorly.

Back at KATH's Cafe, MARGHERITA is trying to get HASSAN's attention by feigning illness. BARNEY enters wearing a colourful WRISTBAND. "That's a lovely wristband Barney. Where did you get it from?" hopes HASSAN and dwells on the subject until BARNEY, an eight year old boy, DROPs it. Seeing her chance, MARGHERITA suggests to HASSAN that they go get themselves a SAUNA but it's shut until 2.00pm, as BARNEY found out. It's still only 10.40am. HASSAN, MARGHERITA and BARNEY all leave to the INTErnet Cafe together.
CINDY looks on across the steamy cafe but says nothing.

Day Of The Figurines is the world’s first MUD (Multi User Domain) for mobile phones and was developed as part of the European research project IPerG (Integrated Project on Pervasive Gaming) and in collaboration with Mixed Reality Lab, University of Nottingham. Following FIRST PLAY BERLIN, Day Of The Figurines will visit the National Museum of Singapore in December 2006 and tour the UK in 2007.

For more information go to

2. FIRST PLAY BERLIN – big opening Thur 12th Oct with a TRAMPOLINE Event Be the first to experience FIRST PLAY BERLIN. A virtual tree. A handheld world evolving with every beat of your heart. Memories of a childhood home and an English garden brought to life by new technology. A CCTV city tour. FIRST PLAY BERLIN fuses the player and the game, the handheld and the
heartfelt, the cerebral and the technical – short-circuiting the limits of

Blast Theory, Active Ingredient, Michelle Teran, Daniel Belasco Rogers, Simon Heijdens and Frank Abbott converge on Hebbel am Ufer for FIRST PLAY BERLIN. The result is a weekend of trend-setting, cutting-edge international live media art projects that combine technology, performance, interaction and installation.

The opening is taking place at Hebbel am Ufer, HAU2 on Thursday 12th October from 8pm in form of a TRAMPOLINE Event. For one night only, TRAMPOLINE showcases a unique blend of eclectic and emergent new technology art from around the world. With live performances, installations, screenings and presentations, the evening will culminate in a live concert of Heidi Mortenson.

It's a packed programme. Don’t miss it.

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