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February 27, 2007

Upgrade! Seattle


steve boyer

Upgrade! Seattle: CODE - The Evolution of Abstraction and the Crisis of Human Identity by steve boyer :: 7pm Thursday March 8, 2007 :: 911 Media Arts Center • 402 9th Ave N • Seattle, WA.

Humanity is undergoing an Evolution of Abstraction. The physical forms and social and economic structures that have previously defined human identity are disintegrating, often being replaced by their symbolic representations. As these new modes of being replace the old we are faced with a Crisis of Identity in that assumptions about what it means to be human are challenged by new technologies, social narratives and biological realities. But every crisis presents an opportunity and at this critical turning point in human history we have a unique opportunity to rewrite the narrative codes that allow societies to self-organize and prosper. and to re-synthesize what it means to be human.


In this presentation connections will be drawn between medieval trompe l’oeil painting, cellular biology, insect robots and reality television in an attempt to elucidate some of the opportunities (and risks) that are posed by electronic and bio-technologies and to examine the role of electronic media in both the writing and re-writing of narrative codes.

Steve Boyer is an artist, designer and theorist with over 25 years of experience developing technology and creating content for interactive media. He has designed video games, electronic toys, musical instruments, light and sound sculpture and robotic architecture and has hands on experience in nearly every aspect of digital production from assembly language coding to 3D modeling and animation.

Currently, Steve is a visiting faculty member at the University of California - San Diego (UCSD) in the Visual Arts Department. He previously spent 6 years on the faculty of the Department of Art and Technology Studies at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Steve has a BA in Music from Northwestern University and a Master of Architecture from the Southern California Institute of Architecture.

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