Will Pappenheimer is currently an assistant professor of Digital Media at Pace University. He received his MFA from the Museum School/Tufts University, Boston and BA from Harvard. His work in video, mixed media, installation and new media has been exhibited in over 50 solo and group exhibitions internationally. He has shown at the The ICA (Boston), the Stedman Art Gallery (NJ), Exit Art, New York, "immedia: 1901," MI, "Free Biennial," New York and Art Basel Miami Beach 2003, at which his work received a half page photo and citation in the New York Times. Recent work resulting from collaborations with New Media theorist Gregory Ulmer has been the subject of articles in Visual Culture, ArtUS and a chapter of Ulmer's 2005 book, "Electronic Monumentality." His recent projects reconfiguring webcam and home surveillance networks have been presented at "Interactive Futures05" in British Columbia, FILE 2005 in Sao Paulo, Brazil was included at the international new media festival, ISEA 2006/ZeroOne at the San Jose Musem of Art (CA). He was a featured guest in "The New New Media" episode of Canadian Broadcasting's ZeD TV in 2005. The artist recently was chosen for one of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts prestigious Traveling Scholars Awards and will exhibit work from this grant at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston in 2008. During the summer of 2006, a webcam still life work was exhibited and broadcast from the birthplace of Dada, the Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich, Switzerland and recent work is now on view at the "Hypertexturalities" show at the Florence Lynch Gallery in New York.

Will Pappenheimer