Bonnie Mitchell is an Associate Professor in Digital Arts at Bowling Green State University, Ohio, USA where she teaches time-based media with a focus on artistic expression and technical problem solving. With degrees in Art Education, Visual Design/Computer Art and Computer Science she focuses on curriculum that is artistic, technical and cross-disciplinary in nature. She typically teaches interactive media, experimental animation, particle systems and dynamics, and collaborative multimedia production classes.

Ms. Mitchell’s artworks explore spatial and experiential relationships to our physical, social, cultural and psychological environment through interaction. She typically develops large-scale immersive installations that integrate electronics, animation and audio to create responsive art environments. Her electronic installation art and international collaborative WWW art projects have been exhibited at SIGGRAPH, ISEA, Prix Ars Electronica, Digital Salon, etc. Her 3D computer imaging and particle systems prints have been exhibited in the ArCade shows, ISEA, Gamut, Digital Salon, and more. In 2004, she won the International Computer Music Commission Award collaboratively with Elainie Lillios, a composer and Greg Cornelius, a music technologist for a 30' x 20' immersive audio/visual installation they created. Her works have also been documented in numerous books and journals internationally.

Ms. Mitchell is also an active ACM SIGGRAPH volunteer. She served as the Director at Large on the SIGGRAPH Executive Committee and a member of the Art Gallery, Communications and Education Committees. She has been a jury member for the SIGGRAPH Animation Festival, Art Gallery, Sketches and Emerging Technologies. She developed the Art and Design Online Resources, which include online documentation of the SIGGRAPH art exhibitions since 1994, the first SIGGRAPH graphical web site and animated promotional videos for the conference. She has been a member of SIGGRAPH panels, the chair of two courses, and presented at SIGGRAPH education sessions. Ms. Mitchell is currently the chair of the SIGGRAPH 2006 Interactions art exhibition.

Bonnie Mitchell