Adam Brown is a digital artist and inventor. His creative activity is informed by an Intermedia tradition that supports collaboration among various disciplines resulting in a practice that blends digital media with physical materials. Brown has exhibited nationally and internationally and is the recipient of numerous grants and awards including the Oklahoma Research Council’s Junior Faculty grant as well as several other state and private grants. Mr. Brown directs the international component of " The Upgrade Oklahoma!" which is a monthly gathering of artists, engineers, programmers and curators in Oklahoma City hosted by the Untitled ArtSpace and The University of Oklahoma's School of Art. He is also a member of the New York Sculptors Guild.

Brown’s research interests surround three core concepts:

1. Interface: the surface, place, or point where two things touch each other or meet. The place, situation, or way in which two entities affect one other or the point of connection between things. Interface can be as common as a steering wheel, doorknob, keyboard, mouse, or monitor and as complex as a handshake. Interface is beyond the organic material constituting our biology. It is beyond the psyche. It emerges from the interaction of the two. Human beings act as an interface between the abstract realm of hyperspace and the physical world.

2. Emergence: An emergent behavior appears when a number of simple entities or agents operate within an environment that as a collective, generate more complex behaviors. Emergent behaviors are able to occur because as the number of interactions between components of a system increase it allows for the possibility of subtle and more elaborate behaviors to appear.

3. More broadly, Brown researches the interactions and relationships between technology and art.

While looking for new methods of human computer interface, Brown developed a large-scale interactive touch screen video environment that has the ability to extend up to twelve by twelve feet called Impulse Window.

Since 2000, Adam Brown has been an Assistant Professor at the University of Oklahoma where he teaches courses in electronic media, interactivity, video and theory. Brown has a diverse undergraduate educational background in Biomedical Engineering and Intermedia. He completed all of his graduate work at the University of Iowa, and obtained his M.F.A. in May 2000. While at Iowa, Brown was instrumental in creating a new digital media art program called Digital Worlds.

During the mid 90’s, Brown’s launched a graphic and web design studio. At the same time he spent two years developing a non-profit art space in West Branch, Iowa, where he collaborated with internationally recognized artists in creating work that was dedicated to unveiling the myth of Isis. The Isis Conceptual Laboratory was a space dedicated to exploring the mystery of Isis, an Egyptian goddess whose spirit was captured in the form of a bronze statue located on the grounds of Herbert Hoover National Park. The first show entitled "Looking for the Pieces" was broadcast live on Pseudo Radio as well as being one of the first art openings to stage an internet video teleconference.

Adam Brown