Yasmine Abbas is a French DPLG architect who holds a Master of Science in Architecture Studies (SMArchS 2001) from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a Doctor of Design (DDes 2006) from Harvard University Graduate School of Design. In 1995, while pursuing an internship at the United Nations Education, Science and Culture Organization (UNESCO), she realized the importance of education and technology for a culture of peace. Since then, the notions of cultural encounters and mobilities have driven her designs and critical inquiries. At MIT, her interactions with the Design Inquiry and Intelligent Kinetic System groups led her to research the figure of "supermodernity", the neo-nomad. At Harvard she focused on how digitally geared people on the move reclaim a sense of belonging to places in the age of multiple mobilities and digital technologies. In 2005 she founded neo-nomad, a digital platform dedicated to design and mobility in the digital world. Abbas teaches at Northeastern University and Wentworth Institute of Technology, Boston.

Neo Nomad