webAffairs is an artist's documentary of an adult video web community. In this book the artist, Show-n-tell, tells her story of being a voyeur and eventually becoming part of this community through a series of images and actual chat text. She participates in the community both as an observer and a performer. The electronic images gathered in chatrooms are transformed as photographic stills in the book. Because of the limits of the technology the image disintegrates into pixels which speak to a new sensibility in image making. This artist's book is a documentation of Show-n-tell's navigation through erotic virtual space. But like most documentaries, the material has been electronically edited and graphically redesigned to dramatically communicate her story

The author “Show-n-tell” was trained as a graphic designer and also as an artist. She has been designing personal work for the medium of the Web practically since its inception the early '90s. She grew up in Turkey and upon graduation from high school came to the U.S. to continue her studies where she has lived and worked ever since. Since 2001, “Show-n-tell” has been working on the project webAffairs, documenting and commenting on her participation in the culture of adult video chat rooms. She is currently teaching and residing in the Boston area.