Deb Todd Wheeler is a sculptor, inventor, and media artist. Her work concerns technology as a mediator for human interaction with the environment. The central focus of her work in the past few years has been to examine the role of science in relation to our human lives through a lens that encompasses the nineteenth century and cutting edge robotic technologies. Using the vernacular of the 19th century, a time when art and science were more closely linked, she investigates alternative avenues for power that reflect our growing concern with sustainability today. In her most recent exhibit, "Live Experiments in Human Energy Exchange", she experiments with generators and bicycle power to provide electricity, wind, sound and motion.

She is a recipient of a LEF Contemporary Work Fund Artist grant in inter-media, a Massachusetts Cultural Council Grant in Sculpture and Installation, and the Artist Resource Trust Grant. Her studio is in Hyde Park, and she is on the Graduate Faculty of the Art Institute of Boston, and also teaches in the 3D department at Massachusetts College of Art .

Deb Todd Wheeler