Turbulence supports artists exploring the networked medium who both use existing technologies and develop new applications to originate innovative work. Works considered for Artists' Studios should fall within this framework.

Why Artists' Studios?

Turbulence is a world renowned web site that has brought attention and acclaim to many of its artists and assisted them in developing their careers. Turbulence Artists' Studios are intended to provide visibility for net artists on the Turbulence web site; and to provide users with the opportunity to view a body of work rather than a single work.

Artists accepted for the Turbulence Studios project will:


have a site of their own on the turbulence server

2. be able to place up to four works on the site. This will be subject to negotiation and depend on the size of the work and its server-side needs
3. the logo for one work will be placed on the Turbulence home page for a period of two weeks. Thereafter, there will be a link to an index of artists' studios and another to the studio itself
4. artists are encouraged to create an "environment" for their work
Application Process

Artists should submit URLs to two to four works that exhibit their interests in exploring the networked medium. Works that are not time based (like photographs or Photoshop images) will not be considered. Please include the following:

• A 300 to 400 word biography
• A 200 to 400 word statement about your work
• The approximate size and server-side needs of the
work you are submitting

E-mail your submission—with the subject line "Artists' Studios Proposal"—to turbulence
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