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Call: Participate at Unleashed [uk London]

event-image-300×290.jpg Apiary Studios would like to invite artists, researchers, geeks, and such like to take part in “Unleashed”, a weekend of collaborative co-exploration of long known or newly to be discovered aspects of media art. Unleashed will take over in East London and create the opportunity to host or participate in an artistic research project. In the spirit of D.I.Y, free, and local community we want to help to kick start new or refine existing projects, meet other interested parties, and engage in valuable exchange of knowledge, critique, and experiences.

We are looking for people who are interested to propose and host a project at this event. All projects should use some sort of technology, be situated in the field of media art, and focus on an open and inclusive approach. We are especially interested in projects that either conceive new tools for making art or make use of existing open source/open technology solutions Continue reading

May 4, 2011
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Call: Articles on New Uses of Music

trans.jpgCall for Articles: New uses of music in media :: TRANS 16 (2012): Transcultural Music Review :: Special Issue: New uses of music in media ::
Deadline for submitting originals: October 15, 2011.

Transcultural Music Review 16 (2012) will publish a special dossier on the new forms of music in audiovisual media. The dossier will be prepared in collaboration with the research group ‘Musica y medios audiovisuale’ from the Society for Ethnomusicology-SIBE/IASPM-Spain and will be edited by Teresa Fraile, Eduardo Vi’uela, and Maria Edurne Zuazu.

For this dossier, we are particularly interested in the role of music in the emergence of new genres (such as mash-ups, lip-dubs, etc.) and in the transformation of the discursive strategies of the traditional media (film, TV programs, music videos, video games, etc.). Continue reading

Jan 6, 2011
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Distribution Grant for NY State Artists [us NYS]

free.jpgDistribution Grant for New York State Artists :: Application Deadline: October 31, 2010

free103point9 is pleased to announce the 2011 Distribution Grant for New York State Artists providing support for the distribution of new works in film, video, sound, new-media, and media-installation. Funding is available from free103point9 through a regrant from New York State Council on the Arts Electronic Media and Film Program. Grant awards will assist artists in making works available to public audiences and may include, but are not limited to: moving image and sound works; duplication of preview, screening, distribution, and exhibition copies; promotional materials including documentation and schematics of media-installation and new-media works. The rental or purchase of equipment essential for exhibition/distribution by individual artists is also eligible. Artists may request funding support up to a maximum amount of $10,000. Continue reading

Sep 20, 2010
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Live Stage: “Music and Media” Conference [de Berlin]

ms2.jpgInternational Conference of the IMS Study Group Music and Media:: June 25-27, 2010 :: Humboldt University Berlin, Institut für Musikwissenschaft und Medienwissenschaft, Am Kupfergraben 5, 10117 Berlin, Room 501 :: Contact: Tobias Plebuch, tobias.plebuch [at]

Program: Friday, 25 June, 9am – 1pm : Workshop “Multimedia Art and Performance” (incl. coffee break) with Iñigo Giner Miranda (D/ES) und Philip Auslander (USA)

1 – 2pm : Lunch break

2pm – 3pm: Welcome (Tobias Plebuch, Hermann Danuser, HU Berlin; Emile Wennekes MaM) :: Keynote Helga de la Motte (Technische Universität Berlin, D): “Multi – Intermedialität: Veränderungen des Musikbegriffs” Continue reading

Jun 12, 2010
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EMPAC and the Filament Festival [us Troy, NY]

empac.jpgEMPAC (Curtis R. Priem Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center) presents Filament festival:: October 1 – 3, 2010 :: at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 110 8th Street, Troy, NY, USA 12180 :: 518.276.3921

Filament is a festival of new work in performance, visual arts, sound, and media. It highlights EMPAC’s mission to support international and national artists in the creation and production of work via its residency and commissioning programs.

Performances and installations include:

MTAA (NYC): a barn raising driven by audience participation
Hans Tutschku (Cambridge, MA): a 24-channel immersive sound installation
BalletLab (Australia): choreographic hysteria based on cult behavior, embedded in a dense soundscape
Yanira Castro (NYC): a performance ecosystem where sound and dance environments envelop both audience and artists Continue reading

May 28, 2010
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Live Stage: Demo – Interactive Media Symposium [fr Paris]

maison.jpgDemo – Exhibiting and Demonstrating Interactive Media:: a symposium with Peter Lunenfeld on :: April, 6, 2010; 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. :: Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs , 31, rue d’Ulm, 75005 Paris (France) :: reservations.

The conference is programmed for the Printemps des Sciences humaines et sociales of the Maison européenne des sciences de l’homme et de la société de Lille (MESHS), in conjunction with the research project Praticables* and in partnership with EnsadLab, a research laboratory of the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (Paris – France) and Le Fresnoy, Studio national des arts contemporains (Tourcoing- France).

Engineers are used to creating demonstrators to present, test and improve their products. Artists, on the other hand, rely on exhibitions to present their work. Scientists consider this model of the fine arts exhibition as unfit for their purposes. Continue reading

Mar 28, 2010
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Japan Media Arts Festival Accepting Entries [jp Tokyo]

jap.jpgThe 13th Japan Media Arts Festival starts to accept entries today, July 17th, 2009 :: the application period is until 25th September 2009 :: Art, Entertainment, Animation, Manga :: Award-winning works will be exhibited 3-14 February, 2010 at The National Art Center, Tokyo.

The Festival seeks dynamic creative works from all over the world that are opening up a new era. Please visit the official website for detailed information. A press release (PDF file) can be downloaded from the following address. Continue reading

Jul 17, 2009
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Re:live09 [au Melbourne]

melb.jpgRe:live09 – Third World Conference on the Histories of Media Art, Science and Technology :: November 26-29, 2009 :: Melbourne, Australia.

The Media Art History national conference committee of Austrialia would like to invite you to attend the Re:live the international media art history conference. Over three stimulating days, historians, curators, media artists, creative arts practitioners and theorists at the forefront of their practice will explore the latest research and theories that challenge;

Conference Sessions on the History of :: art-science-technology :: biology :: the environment :: liveness :: the life of machines :: innovation :: Continue reading

Jul 16, 2009
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MUV Festival 2009 [it Florence]

foto5.jpgMUV Festival 2009 :: June 9 – 14, 2009 :: Florence, Italy.

MUV is an event that explores a world of languages that intersect: the digital arts, electronic music and audiovisual experimentation. Now in its fifth edition, the festival will take place in the beautiful location of Sferisterio “Tambourine” Parco delle Cascine of Florence. The festival opens this year with the current issues of environmental sustainability and collection calls to investigators electronic, techno-visionaries, designers dell’immateriale, activists and designers are able to think about a sustainable future in which technology evolved is the best antidote to the destruction of the planet. Continue reading

May 22, 2009
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Live Stage: Broadcast Yourself [us NYC]

pratt.jpgPratt Manhattan Gallery presents Broadcast Yourself, a symposium that will contrast traditional media with the “YouTube” Generation :: April 1, 2009; 6:30 pm :: Lecture Hall 213, 144 West 14th Street, NYC.

Broadcast Yourself will address the issues of power and control extended by traditional media outlets in contrast with the do-it-yourself attitude pervasive in the tech-savvy younger generation. Symposium panelists will also speak to the impact that radio and television can have in shaping the events of our time; how artists can directly engage, challenge, or subvert the structure and authority of broadcast media; and how our culture is shaped by the actions of individuals and artists. Continue reading

Mar 29, 2009
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