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ZKM Feature on Ethernet Orchestra Networked Improvisation [de Karlsruhe]

degem.jpgZKM Feature on Ethernet Orchestra Networked Improvisation :: on ZKM’s DEGEM radio :: director: Mirko Heinemann :: featuring recordings of performances given over the last two years along with interviews that reveal the varying perspectives of networked musicians playing experiences.

The program is broadcast twice a day for a month and can be listened to at different times each day. Times scheduled within program block E. are: Continue reading

Dec 6, 2011
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Talman on Nature of the Night Sky

one-star.jpg“There’s a free concert taking place at a forest in Germany, and the headline acts have come from far, far away. NPR guest host Jacki Lyden talks to New York-based artist Jeff Talman about his German sound installation, Nature of the Night Sky. Working with astrophysicist Daniel Huber, Talman used radiation and seismic data from stars and shaped it into music, played back after sundown each night in a Bavarian forest.” (National Public Radio)

The sounds come from the star Procyon in Canis Minor. With the help of astrohysicist Daniel Huber, Talman has transposed the sounds so that we can hear them. The program is available on National Public Radio: hear Talman talk about his Bavarian forest sound installation, and listen to the sounds: here.

You can learn more at Talman’s website.

Aug 16, 2011
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Live Stage: Cassette Memories [fr Paris]

cassette_memories.jpgBirdcage sound gallery presents Aki Onda: Cassette Memories, curated by Daniele Balit :: May 14, 2011; 8:30 – 10:30 pm [Nuit des Musées (Museum Night)]:: Cour Carrée du Louvre, Paris.

Aki Onda is an electronic musician, composer, and visual artist. He was born in Japan and currently resides in New York. Onda is particularly known for his Cassette Memories project – works compiled from a “sound diary” of field-recordings collected by Onda over a span of two decades. Onda’s musical instrument of choice is the cassette Walkman. Not only does he capture field recordings with the Walkman, he also physically manipulates multiple Walkmans with electronics in his performances. Continue reading

May 2, 2011
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Live Stage: Furtherfield on Resonance FM [uk London]

resonance3.jpgFurtherfield on Resonance FM :: Wednesday, November 17, 2010 from 7:00 – 8:00 p.m. (UK-GMT) :: :: Hosts: Marc Garrett, Irini Papdimitriou & Jonathon Munro :: Special Guests: Joseph Young & sketchPatch (Sophie McDonald & Davide Della Casa)

This critically acclaimed broadcast is every Wednesday evening at 7-8pm, a series of hour long live interviews with people working at the edge of contemporary practices in art, technology & social change; discussing events and controversies, exhibitions, artworks and their social contexts. Continue reading

Nov 15, 2010
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Interview with the European Bridges Ensemble

From Interview with The European Bridges Ensemble (EBE) by Percussa AudioCube :: Current members of the European Bridges Ensemble are: Kai Niggemann (Münster, Germany), Ádám Siska (Budapest, Hungary), Johannes Kretz (Vienna, Austria), Andrea Szigetvári (Budapest, Hungary), Ivana Ognjanovic (Belgrade, Serbia), Georg Hajdu (Hamburg, Germany), and Stewart Collinson (Lincoln, England), performing with Georg Hajdu’s interactive network performance environment

… Using the term bridges as a metaphor, our initiative makes an attempt to bridge cultures, regions, locations and individuals, each with their particular history. Particularly Europe with its historical and ethnic diversity has repeatedly gone through massive changes separating and reuniting people often living in close vicinity.

Continue reading

Nov 8, 2010
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Radiography of the Matter: Herman Kolgen

audiovideo_enricopitozzi03.jpgDigimag 55 June 2010, a monthly magazine which focuses on the impact of new technologies and modern sciences on art, design, culture and contemporary society, contains an article on the audiokinetic sculptor, Herman Kolgen: Radiography of the Matter: Herman Kolgen and the Sound Perception with text by Enrico Pitozzi and image courtesy of Herman Kolgen. Mimi Pena & Jessica Williams, translators.

Among the interesting figures of the artistic panorama, Herman Kolgen lives in Montreal (Quebec, Canada). Audiokinetic sculptor, he works starting from the relationship between sound and image creating, from their divergence, works presented as installations, performances, sound sculptures, videos and cinematographic works Continue reading

Jun 21, 2010
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An Interview with Chico MacMurtrie

chico.jpgAn Interview with Chico MacMurtrie by Suzan Sherman, NYFA Current:

Chico MacMurtie’s Red Hook studio, otherwise known as Amorphic Robot Works, was formerly a church used by Norwegian sailors at the turn of the century, when this section of South Brooklyn was a vital fishing industry. Filled now with plywood boxes, plastic coils, various machines, works in progress, and the remnants of his previous projects, MacMurtries’ studio initially appears to be the messy, albeit inspired, interior of a garage monkey. Since founding Amorphic Robot Works in 1992, MacMurtrie has collaborated with over 20 artists and scientists in making over 100 robots to populate his elaborate performances and interactive environments. Most recently his work has shifted away from literal robotic depictions for which he became known into more abstract sculptures which when inflated with air directly interact with humans. While giving me a tour of the space he showed me the makings of Inflatable Architectural Growth, comprised of various plastic tubes suggesting intestines, which he was prepping to be shown at the San Francisco Art Fair.

Jun 4, 2010
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Live Stage: The Wave – Opus 1 [de Berlin]

wave.jpgThe WAVE – Opus 1 :: February 4, 2010; 8:00 .m :: betahaus, Prinzessinnenstraße 19-20, 10969 Berlin :: live webstreaming here.

WAVE Berlin Panel Discussion 8-10pm: « Innovative Artistic and Economic Practices » with I-Wei li, Christine Kriegerowski, Claudia Burbaum, Ela Kagel, Eva Emenlauer-Blömers, Matthias Reichelt, Mike Stubbs, Tonia Welter.

WJ-SPOTS Berlin 10 PM to midnight: « 15 Years of Artistic Creation on the Internet » with Anne Roquigny, I-Wei Li, Pierre Bongiovanni, Helen Thorington, Marie Petit, Maria Ptqk, Per Platou, Hans Bernhard, Isabelle Arvers, Anne Laforet.

WAVE Berlin Panel Discussion: Fluctuations in the economy have become similar to global climate warnings: nobody knows exactly what will happen tomorrow, or whether the future will be bleak or bright. Uncertainty seems to become the only certain rule. Continue reading

Jan 19, 2010
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League of Automatic Music Composers

league.jpgALKU is incredibly proud to announce the release of the amazing ‘ARCHIVE 1978-1981’ by the legendary San Francisco Bay Area computer music pioneers, The League of Automatic Music Composers.

Formed in 1977 in the San Francisco Bay Area, The League of Automatic Music Composers (John Bischoff, Jim Horton, Tim Perkis, Paul DeMarinis, Rich Gold, David Behrman) is considered to be the world’s first computer network band/collective.

ARCHIVE 1978-1981‘ features over 12 hours of previously unreleased archival tapes, documents, interviews and video from these electronic music mavericks. Compiled and edited by Jon Leidecker and presented in a lush limited edition wooden USB flash drive. 968.301.735 bytes worth of computer music history.

More here.

thanks to potaxpotax

Oct 6, 2009
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Reblogged “ATOM” by Robert Henke, Christoph Bauder

balloons.jpgVideo, Interview: ATOM by Robert Henke, Christoph Bauder – Musical Balloon Sculpture by Peter Kirn — Inside a computer, digital music is entirely unseen. But translate it into the tangible world, and it can be anything you imagine – not limited by acoustic reality or practicality, music can become three-dimensional sculpture.

For artist Christoph Bauder and composer Robert Henke, ATOM’s light and sound sculpture found a three-dimensional matrix of balloons as its medium. Flashing in hypnotic patterns and moving into different configurations, accompanied by live laptop music from Henke (aka Monolake), music and visuals become an inseparable fusion.

ATOM received its North American premiere at Montreal’s MUTEK in May. That turned out to be perfect programming, as it placed ATOM in a week that featured complementary work from artists Artificiel. Continue reading

Jul 3, 2009
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