Technical Questions
Turbulence Server Specs
1) Please provide a concise description of the project's technical aspects (250 words max).

2) Enumerate the specific techniques/products/programs/languages/toolkits that you will be employing to realize the project, including relevant version numbers (example, PHP 4.3). If any of these are commercial products you'll need to purchase, please include the price.

3) If your project requires the procurement of a domain name [our preference is that will host the project], please specify why this is necessary, and where you plan to have the domain(s) hosted.

4) What portion of the project will be realized on the server? Be specific, including figures on disk usage and memory requirements. Be sure to characterize the impact on the the server (i.e. sporadic CGI scripts vs a constant daemon process running in the background). Also include figures on the number of people in your project who would need access to the server, and in what manner (ftp access, shell access, etc.).

5) What portion of the project (if any) will be realized on server(s) other than Please describe this specifically and characterize the interaction between the servers.

6) If possible, please state the approximate monthly bandwidth you anticipate using for this project.
Ars Virtua Specs

Second Life (SL) is a streaming 3D environment that allows the avatar to move in and among the objects in the "world." To this end nearby objects appear in the open source client or user's view as they are loaded from the remote server. There are basically three types of media in this environment. They are (a) shape based; (b) texture based; and/or (c) script based using Linden Scripting Language (LSL). The shape based objects include everything from architecture to avatar attachments like shoes; texture based entities include images and streaming video; and script based objects interact with the previous two and the world outside SL.

1) Will you work within the existing SL structure or do you plan to create something unique?

2) How will the Ars Virtua component of your project interace with the Turbulence and Art Interactive components?

3) Will the realization or your piece fit into the 2000 m sq of Ars Virtua's main Gallery and within 500 prims?

4) Will you be streaming video or audio into the space? How many streams will you be using, and have you done this before?

Art Interactive Specs

Art Interactive is located in the Central Square neighborhood of Cambridge, MA. The exhibition space is approximately 2,000 square feet with 16-foot ceilings. Two exterior glass walls provide extensive natural light, and the space can be partitioned by four movable modular wall panels. Visits to the space during gallery hours are encouraged, and a floor plan is available upon request.

1) What are the dimensions of the piece?
2) What equipment will it require? Are you able to supply the equipment?
3) How will the piece be delivered to Art Interactive?
4) How will the piece be installed and by whom?

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