posting policy

We encourage and support critical inquiry and robust healthy discussion and seek to develop a dialectical discourse on networked_performance that engages oppositional points of view in an effort to tease apart complex and emergent issues. However, we ask that you refrain from ad hominem attacks and profanity.

Participants should endeavor to explain ideas and opinions, reference sources, and follow the thread of the discussion. Please forward interesting articles and links on topics, themes, events, organizations, groups, etc.

Participants are encouraged to:

a. propose new topics for discussion.
b. post interesting articles and links on topics, themes, events, organizations, groups, etc.
c. contribute to critical discussion and debate on concepts and issues.
d. subscribe to email notification of new posts & to our periodic newsletter
e. submit proposals for conference performances, or presentations via the call for entries.

privacy policy

Your information, including email address, will not be sold or otherwise disclosed beyond the purposes of the networked_performance blog. It will only be used to provide you with email notification of posted content and conference related information. The networked_performance blog organizers will not share your contact information with others. If you wish to make yourself available to other blog readers, you should include your contact information in your post.

terms of use

Comments are the property of their authors. All other content on this site © Jo-Anne Green, Helen Thorington and Michelle Riel, unless otherwise noted.
Certain privileges are granted:

If you participate in the networked_performance blog you are free to:
copy, distribute, display, and perform the work

Under the following conditions:

Proper Attribution.
You must give the original author credit.

You may not use this work for commercial purposes without permission.

Derivative works permitted with proper attribution.
For any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to others the license terms of this work. Any of these conditions can be waived if you get permission from the copyright holder.

Your fair use and other rights are in no way affected by the above.
If you don't want your content reproduced beyond the blog, you must indicate so by including the following language at the end of your content when you post or otherwise submit: "NOT FOR DISTRIBUTION EXCEPT on the networked_performance blog".

frequently asked questions

What is the purpose of the networked_performance blog?
The purpose of this blog is to generate critical discourse on current networked_performance practice by dialoguing with practitioners and theorists who discuss their experience and knowledge, bring to the attention of the blog the critical, theoretical, and applied work of others, and engage an historical perspective to explore the developments of current practice. While this development will culminate in an international conference (Spring 2006)--which this blog will be instrumental in framing--it is our hope that it will also serve to build a body of knowledge on networked_performance, and a community of artists and theorists that develop and share that knowledge.

What is the role of the organizers?
The organizers are responsible for facilitating discussion on the blog, researching content, raising issues and framing discussion. But this blog is very much a collective net performance in that the aggregate brain trust of the group is expected to far surpass the knowledge of the few organizers. For this, the critical participation of others is essential.

How are the categories for posts determined?
Because the blog is specifically interested in the overlap and interstices of disciplines and practice, we seek to present multiple ways to examine the issues. Therefore, we will cross-reference and cross-categorize works and comments to reflect the inter/trans/poly-disciplinary nature of these hybrid entities. Thus far, the categories are based on performance types and themes.

What are the various types of performance referenced?
Refer to a description of performance types here.

Where do these performance terms in the categories come from?
New practice gives rise to new language. The performance terms reflect how artists are currently identifying and speaking about themselves and their work.

Can a commenter propose a category?
Yes. Please suggest any categories that you encounter and would like to propose. As per the general posting policies, comments should explain ideas and opinions, reference sources, and follow the thread of the discussion. New categories will be considered when there are examples of work to support their addition, so proposals should be accompanied by references, examples, and sources, including links.

Can a commenter propose a discussion topic?
Yes. However, in order to make the blog’s search function useful as the content accrues, the archival categories need to remain meaningful and relative to their definitions. To this end, we request that comments be made that are relevant to the current thread and respond to the original post. We urge you to stick to the topic you’re responding to in order that the blog will be a useful and engaging experience and resource. If you are proposing a new thread please clearly state this in your comment.

What comments/posts are not acceptable?
This blog may not be used to seek employment, advertise, or promote an individual's work without discussing it's relevance to networked_performance. We also ask that you refrain from ad hominem attacks and profanity.

Can a commenter directly email another commenter?
If posters include their contact information, any other poster is free to contact them. If they do not include their contact info, please do not contact the organizers to request contact information of other commenters.

Can a commenter directly email a blog organizer?
Yes. All organizers can be contacted here.

Can a commenter add a link to the blog 'links' sidebar?
Yes. We will posts links noted in comments that cite an artist, group, organization, work or event engaged in networked_performance.

Can a commenter reuse/repurpose the contents of this blog?
Certain privileges are granted, with attribution. See the terms of use.

Does the blog have an email newsletter?
(soon) You can subscribe to the networked_performance blog to be notified of newly posted content. You will also receive our periodic email newsletter that will provide conference updates.

Can a commenter submit a proposal or get involved in the conference?
Yes. If you are an individual artist, critic or theorist and you would like to participate or present (paper, workshop, performance) at the conference please sign up for our mailing list. We will keep you apprised of the conference schedule and the status of calls for participation. If you are an organization or institution that would like to participate, please contact us here.