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July 03, 2007

[iDC] From a Crisis of Value to a Crisis of Accumulation


Questions of Value and Ethics

[...] Excerpt: The Impending Crisis of Value [by Adam Arvidsson] - It is becoming ever more obvious, as even the mainstream business press is acknowledging this, that the information economy is split in two; we have two economies rather than one (or three, if we include the growing criminal or informal economy which we will not treat in this paper). On the one hand, there is the traditional capitalist economy that works with monetary incentives. This economy still handles the main part of material production: the production of cars, shoes, computer chips, and the transportation and maintenance of these goods. But immaterial production- the production of the ideas, innovations, experiences and other intangibles that virtually everybody agrees to be the most important source of value and development- is increasingly performed by another economy that does not primarily move according to monetary incentives. Most people who participate in creating the enormous wealth of content that give MySpace or YouTube their market values are not in it for the money. Instead they want to build networks, make friends, show off, be cool or what have you. The same thing goes for the users who participate in the multitude of smaller, less famous sites that make up the new productive developments known as Web 2.0. ..." Read the essay here.

Michel Bauwens' response: http://www.p2pfoundation.net/Dornbirn_Manifesto

Also see Toward an Ethics of the Sociable Web. A Conversation Between Trebor Scholz and Mark Deuze.

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