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June 18, 2007



New Ways of Learning and Working Together

If one principle could be seen to inform the opaque surface of what in the 1990s was called a "new economy" – the shifts and changes, the dynamics and blockades, the emergencies and habit formations taking place within the realm of immaterial production – it would certainly be: "Work together".Facing the challenges of digital technologies, global communications, and networking environments, as well as the inherant ignorance of traditional systems towards these, 'working together' has emerged as an unsystematic mode of collective learning processes.Slowly and almost unnoticeably, a new word came into vogue. At first sight it might seem the least significant common denominator for describing new modes of working together, yet "collaboration" has become one of the leading terms of an emergent contemporary political sensibility.Often collapsed into the most utilitarian understanding, 'collaboration' is far more than acting together, as it extends towards a network of interconnected approaches and efforts. - Collaboration: Seven notes on new ways of learning and working together by Florian Schneider, NOEMA.

Posted by jo at June 18, 2007 12:19 PM