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June 18, 2007



ASCII MEMEX Game "Be A Winner!"

A Memex Wall by Superfactory(TM) in a cooperation with mi_ga :: Rapid flow of letters and numbers on a monitor wall has nothing to do with chaos theory which can cause big disruptions in our world. It has also nothing to do with hackers world as one would like to say. Thus we show the monitor wall within a context of "memex game" a "memory extender" game, the term of which was used to call a proto-hypertext computer system influencing the development of subsequential hypertext and intellectual augmenting computer systems.

A "memex game" is a visual translation of that complex systems proposed by Vannevar Bush back in 1945. Here you get to know exciting people of the scene - the hacker artisan, the peer-to-peer oparist, the open source ego, etc. - all necessary to build up a more or less complex structure of contemporary economy and politics. The monitor wall or a Bookshelf how originally was called, represents a network traffic translated into descriptive form, so the unseen side of "networking" would be understandable or at least readable. In a technical terms the flow of letters and numbers on the monitors would sound like 'tcpdump', a common computer network debugging tool.

In the game you have to find certain motives with as few clicks as possible and as quick as possible. With click on 'neues Spiel' (new game) for a short time nine pictures are shown, whose situation must be reminded! You start the game with 100 points, each second is started one point is taken and each wrong click costs 3 points. Score as much points as possible and be a winner! Much fun and success!

Posted by jo at June 18, 2007 11:43 AM