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May 10, 2007

Upgrade! Sofia


Blender & Open Source Software and Communities

Upgrade! Sofia wakes up in the heat of May to bring local enthusiasts a few steps closer to the international open source software and community with Blender & Open Source Software and Communities :: Wednesday, May, 16th, 2007 :: Cammer Hall, National Theatre of Satire "Aleko Konstantinov", 26 Stefan Karadja Street :: start: 19:00.

An evening of three presentations. Three professionals from three different countries with long experience in 3D graphics and open source software and communities. Three points of view: Why is Blender one of most successful open source projects in multimedia?

Presenters: The point of view of a 3D developer: Rui Campos (Portugal) - Head of the Blender Foundation Education Board. Developer and Trainer of an e-learning platform for internal use. NewsForge writer.

The point of view of an game designer: Sanu Vamanchery Mana (India) - 8 years of experience in the broadcast, gaming and web Industry. Thorough knowledge of 3D Max and Maya's capabilities. Skilled modeler, excellent lighting, dynamic procedural texturing, compositing, keying and mattes, motion tracking and rotoscoping.

The point of view of an architect: Theodore Dounas (Greece) - Research in architectural design and threedimentional computer games Phd candidate. Teaching of architectural design in Intergraphics College, Intergeraphics educational group, www.intergraphics.gr Teaching of computer aided design for architects and designers, in educational organization Papiotis.

The presenters are official trianers at the TOSMI (training on open -source multimedia instruments) organized by InterSpace and supported by the MEDIA programme of the European Commission.

For the people still working with Maya and 3D Studio Max - Blender is the open source software for 3D modeling, animation, rendering, post-production, interactive creation and playback. In one word: it does everything you usually do, but for free.

Links: theupgrade.i-space.org

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