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May 03, 2007

Digital Culture(s) - Ine Poppe


Live Online Today

Digital Culture(s) - Ine Poppe :: Ine Poppe will discuss digital culture, technology and art :: May 3, 2007, 1pm - 3:00pm :: webcast courtesy of Calit2 [Real player and broadband connection required] :; Atkinson Hall Auditorium.

Ine Poppe will present some of her latest research in digital culture which includes working on a novel about three women sharing a humanoid (about robotics, artificial intelligence, sex and 'wet art').

She will discuss her involvement with the hacker community in Amsterdam, and screen part of her film 'Hippies from Hell', which documents the history of Hackers. Poppe lectures on the arts and multimedia and is Professor at Willem de Kooning Art Academy in Rotterdam. Her documentary 'Hippies from Hell' was shown at the International Documentary Festival Amsterdam 2002 and went on to venues in Europe and South America. She has written for several computer games, and also produced 'Necrocam' - an online piece depicting a webcam inside a coffin.

Last summer she took a camera crew to visit robotic Artist Norman White in Canada. She is also working on a novel about life with a humanoid.

Ine Poppe (1960, NL) works in Amsterdam as an artist, writer, director. She writes about digital culture, technology and art, the recent years mainly for the national newspaper NRC-Handelsblad. She has researched and directed television documentaries for National Television; wrote a journalistic book about Dutch Squatters in the eighties, and published essays about art and science. Her art-projects 'Mothermilk cheese' (1984), 'Women with Beards'
(1997) were shown worldwide.

This presentation has been made possible by support from CRCA, Calit2 and the Waag society in Amsterdam.

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