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April 04, 2007

Neo-nomad ID:


Cati Vaucelle

Yasmine Abbas challenged [Cati Vaucelle] on mobile-related questions for her NID series. The interview.

Yasmine initiated an interview serie the NID. The NID stands for Neo-nomad ID. The concept wants to push the envelop of a classical interview by providing readers clues to reflect on mobilities, and the paradoxes engendered. These NIDs are "tranches de vies", meaning "slices of lives", rather than a questionnaire listing projects. They dwell into the intimate and the everyday life of beings to understand better our relationship to mobilities and technologies. Necessarily, because the method of investigation relates more to ethnography than journalism, I felt that visuals were essential to the NID. Also, NID in French means "nest". [via] Come to Upgrade! Boston on April 12 to here Cati and Yasmine.

Posted by jo at April 4, 2007 03:51 PM