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April 04, 2007

Ephemera: Theory & Politics in Organization


Experience, Movement and the Creation of New Political Forms

Ephemera: Theory & Politics in Organization, Volume 6, Number 4: Experience, Movement and the Creation of New Political Forms, Brett Nielson and Ned Rossiter (eds).

This collection of essays was born somewhere between Moscow and Beijing. While the ephemera conference on the trans-Siberian train has already inspired an issue of this journal, the experience of that journey would raise, for some who were on the train, a number of issues that go way beyond that which unfolded between these points of departure and arrival. At stake are a series of questions about experience, movement and political life that were neither loaded nor unloaded with the baggage carried by each participant. More than the conference’s content, it was its form that interested us – which is to say its organizational process. ‘Organization without ends’ was one way in which this process was repeatedly described – a practice that intervenes at the level of human potentialities rather than some goal-oriented activity. A bringing together of bodies and minds not in common cause but in movement: attraction and rejection, combination and withdrawal. More >> [PDF]


Towards a Political Anthropology of New Institutional Forms
Brett Neilson and Ned Rossiter

The Artistic Device, or, the Articulation of Collective Speech
Brian Holmes

Outside Politics/Continuous Experience
Niamh Stephenson and Dimitris Papadopoulos

The Auto-Destructive Community: The Torsion of the Common in Local
Sites of Antagonism

Marina Vishmidt

Erasing the Line, or, the Politics of the Border
Carlos Fernandez, Meredith Gill, Imre Szeman and Jessica Whyte

Train of Thought: Movement, Contingency and the Imagination of Change
Helen Grace


Taking Over the Asylum
Nick Butler

Toward a 'Pro-biotic' Study of Organization
Roy Stager Jacques

Creativity and Class
Craig Prichard, Bronwyn Boon, Amanda Bill & Deborah Jones

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