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March 29, 2007

April 3 + 4 Upstage Walk Through


+ 070707 Matchmaking Event

hi everyone,

this month we're doing something different with the regular UpStage walk-through, in response to discussions about the difficulty in finding collaborators: it's going to be a "matchmaking" event, for those of you who are keen to collaborate on a performance for the 070707 UpStage festival and need to find collaborators.

if you've got an idea, come along ready to pitch it. if you don't have an idea, come and see if there's a project for you to get involved in, and meet potential collaborators. we'll also answer questions that you may have about the festival and about creating your show.

you can also attend as an audience member to have a look at UpStage & see what it's all about - come to http://upstage.org.nz:8084/stages/swaray at the time below ...

and we're going to have a different time for a change, which means the walk-through will be on tuesday 3rd for some of you and wednesday 4th for others. here are some times (there will be a link to a time convertor on the Open UpStage foyer page (http://upstage.org.nz:8084) soon:

california: tues 3rd, 1pm
new york: tues 3rd, 4pm
uk: tues 3rd, 9pm
western europe: tues 3rd, 10pm
australia (nsw): wed 4th, 6am
new zealand: wed 4th, 8am

(if this time is no good for you but you're keen to do a show and/or looking for collaborators, please email & we can make another time to meet you in UpStage)

the deadline for proposals for the 070707 UpStage festival is 31 march - this saturday - but if you're in the same position as marischka and want to find a collaborator or two before you put in your proposal then we'll accept your proposal after the matchmaking walk-through.

as usual, if you're going to come to the walk-through please email me for a log-in.

see you on tuesday/wednesday,

helen : )
helen varley jamieson
UpStage project manager

UpStage, a web-based venue for live online performance.

Posted by jo at March 29, 2007 09:29 AM