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March 08, 2007

Second Life web 2.0 tools


Twitter and Sloog

The Beautiful Simplicity of Twitter (and BlogHUD): Second Life resident Koz Farina, creator of the very popular BlogHUD tool for blogging from within SL, is developing a system to allow you to cross-post your BlogHUD posts to your account on Twitter, the hot new social site that lets you miniblog along with your friends. Koz is already feeding all BlogHUD posts to a Twitter BlogHUD page. This is just the latest entry into a growing pool of Twitter-to-SL mashups from people like Ordinal Malaprop and Kisa Naumova, among others. And in fact, thereís been a huge flowering of ancillary Twitter apps since the service launched last fall. Why? Because Twitter is incredibly compelling, for a number of reasons. One of the most important, in my opinion, is the almost complete lack of button-based features that Twitter offers to its users. (Although Iíd love for someone to build the wish app described at the end of this post.) More Ľ [posted by Mark Wallace on 3pointD]


Sloog Gets its Tags Up in Second Life: Iím going to go ahead and call Sloog the best Web 2.0-style site for the virtual world of Second Life that Iíve seen yet. Sloog lets you tag locations in Second Life, storing them in the Sloog system so you can access them later on the Web. Itís a bit like del.icio.us tagging or Digg-ing virtual places, and itís not a new function for SL users, but this is the best implementation of it Iíve seen yet. More Ľ [posted by Mark Wallace on 3pointD]

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