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February 20, 2007



Call for Audio and Visual Art

THE THIRD MIND PROJECT :: A number of devices exist that stimulate the mind of the user by visual and audio signals. The fundamental principle applied to each is that a particular train of visual and aural pulses leads to different states of mind. These states include, for example, deep relaxation, heightened creativity and heightened awareness. Often, the aim of the device is to allow users to learn faster or relax deeper, but artists have extended the experience with such device into the realm of art. The Dream Machine, conceived in the early sixties by Brion Gysin, is a mechanical device that is viewed with eyes closed as it rotates at 12 HZ around a light source located inside it. The light, coming against the eyelids as the device rotates, effortlessly produces a relaxed state of mind. This occurs, because the optical nerve is stimulated and alters the brain's electrical oscillations. Gysin referred to the effect as "interior visions" and in his words the effect of the Dream Machine can be described as a projection of dazzling lights and celestially colored images whirling around inside one’s own head.


The Digital Art Weeks 2007 (DAW07) invites Visual and to submit their work to the theme of the Digital Mandala. For the "refit" of the Dream Machine for the 21st Century, Visual Artists are asked to submit static or animated images in the form of "Digital-Mandalas" that are relevant in content and effect to the theme of "inner visions". The Digital-Mandalas will be projected on to the walls of the gallery space and will be dynamically synchronized to the 12 HZ flickering frequency of the Dream Machine. This flickering is then used to drive computer programs that will subtly modulate attributes of the image dynamically to gently arouse news states of mind. In this manner the inner visions of the Dream Machine become outer visions within the installation.


The Digital Art Weeks 2007 (DAW07) invites Audio Artists to submit their work to the theme of "Today’s Ohm: The 60 HZ Hum". Audio Artists are asked to submit works of approximately ten minutes or so in length in .aif format that are relevant in content and effect to the theme of "the 60hz hum is the electronic ohm of our times". Submitted works will be projected into the space using a stereoscopic loudspeaker system from the company StereoLith® of Switzerland. The play back of the submitted works, although thought and experienced as independent works themselves, will naturally enhance the psychedelic effects of the Dreammachine environment further. Note: The submitted images and audio works will be presented in an installation type situation in which the public may experience using the dream machine up close and afar during the Closing Event of the festival. All artists will be listed in the program.

DEADLINE: Friday, 2nd March 2007. Notification of acceptance of proposals will be sent out on or before Friday, 2nd April 2007. For more information regarding the call please write to: daw-perfs[at]inf.ethz.ch

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