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January 24, 2007



Digital Scavenging

The FAMULUS project consists of an intelligent modified vacuum cleaner and the FAMULUS server. it is a replacement of the ubiquitous desktop metaphor feature of the trash bin. Instead of moving unwanted trash into the bin, it is sent over to the FAMULUS, that consumes the digital debris for the satisfaction of the user. The FAMULUS features an empirically modelled realistic sounding vacuum cleaning noise that expresses the complexity of the object sucked in. Plug-ins are used in order to hand over as many data types as possible. Currently, FAMULUS can successfully imbibe e-mail messages and RSS feed items. the latter even opens up the chance to automatise the process of digital scavenging. This is the prototype website. You can already send mail directly to FAMULUS and even include urls of RSS feeds in the mail. FAMULUS will download the RSS feed once and trash all information as well as the original mail. The web-interface is yet to come... Also see TRATTI and sevenmileboots.

Posted by jo at January 24, 2007 04:15 PM