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December 12, 2006

The Darfur Wall


Turn a Number from Dark to White

The Darfur Wall - Jonah Burke left Microsoft to found the The Darfur Wall with his father and brother a couple of weeks ago. If you're not aware Darfur is in a crisis. The Burkes have created a novel website for collecting money. There are 400,000 subdued numbers on the site; each time a dollar is donated a new number is lit. All of the monies go to Doctors Without Borders, Save the Children and others. In just 21days, they have raised $5052 from 445 donors. Buying a number is fast and easy; consider it. (Blog) [via]

"This is the Darfur Wall: Click a square above to approach the wall and witness its 400,000 numbers, one for each person killed in the Darfur genocide. Donate one dollar or more to turn a number from dark gray to brilliant white and honor one lost life. 100% of the proceeds go to four Darfur relief organizations."

Posted by jo at December 12, 2006 09:03 AM