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October 17, 2006

IN_TENTION: Emerging Contemporary Performance Art Practices


Steven Lam

IN_TENTION :: October 25-November 4, 2006 :: Tyler Gallery, Elkins Park, PA :: OPENING Thursday, October 26 2006, 7-9 pm.

This exhibition explores emerging contemporary performance art practices, and is curated by the student group Produce. The project will include work by five artists from across the country. A two-week exhibition will present ongoing performances by David Howe (GA) and Steven Lam (NY), and there will be three one-night performances by artists Quentin Davis (PA), Benjamin Kinsley (OH) and Nelson Loskamp (NY). In addition, a panel discussion will be led by philosopher, critic and artist Tom Zummer, and a workshop for students will be offered by Benjamin Kinsley from the Poke Orchestra.”

Steven Lam's project (in the Main gallery) will consist of an alternating suite of videos and a pirate radio transmission. Pulling from cybernetics/systems theory, apparatus theory, post-modern dance, and historical video art, the project is dialectical in nature; it re-uses discarded clips from an earlier library splicing them with new footage.

For the past few years, Lam has been interested in video as a medium that recodes, archives, and transmits. A new suite of videos will be introduced periodically within the duration of the exhibition. A perpetually evolving archive, the exhibition, ironic and deadpan, will be an experiment for me to toy with “distributional media.” Additionally, Lam will transmit an audio project on a local AM radio band of me reading the entirety of Friedrich Kittler’s "Gramophone, Film, Typewriter." This will be broadcasted and accessible 24 hours a day during the exhibition. The AM band will be announced shortly.

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